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How To Unlock A Safe Without A Key

How To Unlock A Safe Without A Key

A wide variety of things can be stored in the safe; from important documents to the jewellery, everything has already been in a safe. But what is the procedure to open the safe if you have forgotten the code? And what to do if you have lost the safe key? In this guide you will find valuable information, tips and tricks for opening the safe.

Forgotten your safe code – what to do?

In the first moment of course keep calm. If you have only forgotten the code, there is at least a chance that you will remember it soon. Usually after the initial excitement, when you think about it calmly. If this does not help or if the safe with combination lock comes from an estate or inheritance, so that you never knew the code, the emergency key, the master code or the professional safe opening can help.

Open safe without code: Emergency key

Not every safe with a number pad has one, but some do. The key for the emergency is usually well hidden, ideally even outside the house / in the house of a trusted person. After all, an easily accessible emergency key is also an aid for burglars to open the safe. In case of doubt, you should consult the manual of the safety cabinet and see if it mentions an aid for mechanical unlocking.

Opening the safe with the master code

The manual should also mention the possibility of using a master code – if available. With such a PIN, the regular sequence of numbers can be skipped. If the safe PIN does not exist or you cannot remember it, you should neither try to open the safe yourself nor call a locksmith. The latter could become very expensive and be associated with damages.

Lost safe key – what to do?

Here, too, it is important to remain calm. If the key for the mechanical safe lock has been lost, first try to find it again. Remember the last storage location or the last hiding place. Perhaps you have changed it and then simply forgotten it? What are the possibilities offered by the manufacturer, dealer and manual? Try to go through these first steps calmly. If neither the manufacturer nor the seller can help, there is the possibility of opening the safe by special services like us.

This is what’s behind the emergency vault opening

To open a safe, if you have forgotten the code or lost keys, you should not contact a locksmith but a professional. Opening a safe lock requires much more expertise and sensitivity than opening regular door locks or cars. Moreover, we at Zirotec are no friends of forcible opening of security cabinets.

How To Unlock A Safe Without A Key

If possible, we proceed without damage. Should damage (such as a small drill hole) become necessary, we will try to open the cabinet in a destructive sequence. This protects above all the contents, but also the valuables cabinet. After a suitable repair or replacement of the component, the safe can then be used again without having to buy a new one.

Opening a safe yourself – pros and cons

If you have forgotten the safe code or lost the safe key, you can quickly think about opening it yourself. However, this usually ends with a violent opening of the locker. Cheap safes and cashboxes will offer little resistance. But even security cabinets of class A or B cannot be opened so easily. If you have a safe of class 0, I or II or higher, you should not even try it.

Never open old safes by force

We would like to give you an important warning if you have inherited an old safe or vault from the last or penultimate century. Because these relics of grandparents or great-grandparents should never be opened by force, not with a hammer, with an angle grinder (flex) or otherwise. Because they may contain a fire protection made of asbestos, which releases its harmful fibres when damaged.

Conclusion: Open safe without key or code

In summary, you should remain calm in case of a lost key or forgotten code. Forced opening of the safe without expert knowledge is not recommended. If emergency keys, master code or other solutions provided by the manufacturer do not appear, ask a specialist to open the safe properly and without damage or destruction.

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