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How To Remove A Broken Padlock

How To Remove A Broken Padlock

You can remove a cylinder lock without a key. However, this only works under certain conditions and the lock is then broken. We show you how to proceed.

Removing cylinder lock: How to do it without a key

  • If you have lost the key for your cylinder lock, you can still remove it. There are basically two ways to do this: One with drilling and one without drilling.
  • Both must meet certain requirements, which we will explain in more detail in the following paragraphs.
  • Before you use either of the two possibilities, however, you should be aware that the lock will be broken afterwards. The door itself remains undamaged by both methods, which we will show you in the next paragraphs.

Open cylinder lock without key: Drill out the lock

This method is well suited for closed doors in your house that you can only access from one side. Of course it also works if you only want to remove the cylinder lock and the door is already unhinged.

How To Remove A Broken Padlock

Note: Drilling out only works for cylinder locks without anti-drilling protection.

  • You will need a screwdriver, a drilling machine and a HSS-E drill. The latter is characterised by its particularly high hardness.
  • Place the drill below the key channel and drill until you reach the middle of the lock. This will pierce the core pins that lock the cylinder.
  • Now all small pins should be drilled through. Use the screwdriver to get the pegs and any stuck pin parts out of the drill hole.
  • Now you can use a screwdriver as a key replacement and open the door.
  • To finally remove the lock, the last step is to loosen all screws and fittings and simply push the cylinder out.

Remove cylinder lock without drilling

The second method does not require a drilling machine. However, it only works if you only want to remove the cylinder lock and the door is already open or unhooked.

  • You will need suitable screwdrivers for the screws of the fittings and slightly larger pliers with which you can apply a lot of force, for example water pump pliers.
  • First remove the door fittings inside and outside. Loosen all screws with the screwdriver.
  • Then place the pliers in the narrow part of the cylinder. Now press the cylinder firmly to the left and then to the right until it breaks. Maybe one direction is enough to break it.
  • You can easily get the broken parts of the cylinder out of the door. The lock is now already removed.
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