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How To Drill Out a Padlock

drilling a padlock

While removing weeds from the edge of our terrace, we noticed a mysterious door. Unfortunately it was locked and there seems to be no key for the lock cylinder. As it is, curiosity won out and I just had to find out what is behind the door. But without a key?

So heavy equipment had to be used here! With a 6er metal drill and a drill I have drilled the lock and lo and behold, under the terrace of our house is as we have now found out another 8×5 meter room which will probably be converted in the near future to garden tools and firewood storage.

how to drill out a lock

But how do you drill a lock? This is actually easier than some people think, the only tools you need are a drill with a 6mm metal drill and a slotted screwdriver.

Drilling a lock

To drill a lock cylinder, the drill is placed a few millimetres below the core and a hole is drilled into the housing at low speed. Once the shoulder has been drilled, the speed of rotation can be increased, but be aware of the temperature of the drill. If the drill breaks off, it will quickly become fucked up.

Now drill until you have cut through all housing pins. When this is done, you can insert the slotted screwdriver into the key channel and unscrew the lock. Without the housing pins, you can easily move the locking nose with a slotted screwdriver and the lock is open.

Installing a new lock

After the lock has been drilled out, a new lock cylinder should be installed immediately! These are available in different lengths. To find out the necessary length of the lock cylinder, simply measure the length of the lock from keyhole to keyhole.

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