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How To Change Combination Locks

How To Change Combination Locks

You can easily change the code of a combination lock – even with locks of the well-known brand Abus. How this works for classic padlocks and bicycle locks is explained in this practical tip.

Abus U-lock: Changing the numerical code

Abus padlocks or shackle locks are equipped with a simple mechanism that allows you to change the combination of numbers.

  • First you set the existing numerical code. If you have bought a new lock, the code is 0-0-0.
  • Then turn the shackle 180 degrees and press it down. While you hold the shackle in this position, you can set a new number code.
  • As soon as you release the shackle and turn it back, the new number combination is set.

Tip: Make sure that the code cannot be easily guessed by third parties. Your own birthday is therefore not a good choice. At the same time, you should be able to remember the combination yourself.

How To Change Combination Locks

Changing the combination of numbers: This is how it works with the bicycle lock

  • Bicycle locks from Abus have a mechanical knob with which you can change the code. To do this you must first open the bike lock using the existing combination.
  • The rotary wheel is located inside the lock. Move it clockwise as far as possible.
  • Then change the number code to the desired combination.
  • As soon as you return the rotary wheel to its original position, the number combination is stored.

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